More than 20 years of experience in the reproduction of birds

In 1999 our first twelve baby birds were born, among them a Yellow-nape Amazon. With proper care and bringing technology to the reproduction process, we were able to achieve an exponential increase of the bird population.

We have been successful in the reproduction of species such as the Red-tailed Cockatoo, of which there are no records of reproduction in captivity in Mexico. PROFEPA (Mexico's Federal Environmental Protection Agency) made a donation to us of a couple of Palm Cockatoos.

And we have been also been able to raise Picoduro Terresi Parrots, work that require extreme care and dedication.

Research plays a major role, and as we are working under well-conceived guidelines, Avix is a source of first rate biological information. Nowhere else is it possible to control data such as periods of breeding, diseases, treatments, food preferences, development of young birds, and other information, as easily as it is here.

This privileged information may be used to improve conservation programs of birds in captivity and also to promote conservation programs for endangered species in nature. We are thus contributing with a scientific methodology for the reproduction of wild birds, national and foreign.

Adding new equipment for bird reproduction, such as incubators, artificial climate, hatchers and food chambers, among others, has enabled a consistent reproduction of species.

Cacatua Elonora bebé

Cacatua Cola roja bebé

Lori Capa negra

Lorito del sol

Perico Alejandrino bebé

Loris rojos

Guacamaya roja bebé

Crías de guacamaya militar

Crias de amazona finschi y autumnalis

Crías de guacamaya

Loro eclectus bebe coloracion rara


Guacamaya roja bebé

Lori capa negra adulto y cria

Loro Eclectus bebé

Loro Eclectus bebé


Pollos de rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha

Rhynchopsitta pachyrhyncha y terrisi, jovenes.

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